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Accept the Challenge

You are here because you are accepting the challenge and will give up ALL liquids except for pure water for the entire month of September. Thus giving up your favourite drinks such as coffee, tea, smoothies, milk and more!

Please be aware  - that the replacement of all liquid intake with pure water assumes that participants normal diet is providing adequate nutritional needs for vitamin and minerals, and provides enough protein to promote muscle growth and repair.

As a challenger you will be seeking donations (sponsors) from loved ones and the community to raise much needed funds for Pancreatic Cancer research being invested by Avners Pancreatic Cancer Foundation in the form of Grants.

If you need help on editing your fundraising page check out the "Help & Tips for Fundraising" page.

We thank you for this undertaking and supporting such a great cause.

Sorry you are too late to accept the challenge this year, but we will be back again next year.

You can still make a donation however.

Ben Wilheim